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Thank you for the awesome article about Renascentia

In the Works

After a long hiatus, Velvet Sinn is about to make a trumphant return to crime fighting with issue 2.  Artwork by Nelson Forero.

Issue 4 of Renascentia has been completed and is due to be released at the 2019 C2E2 in Chicago.

New 3D pop buddhas are being developed and will make their debut in 2019- SPOILER - Are you fire proof?

Big Boy Studio

Scott Welninski

Owner, Founder and Producer

I just want to take the time to thank all  that have supported Big Boy Studios.  It has been a great few years.  I've learned a lot and have met so many wonderful people in this process.  I would like to thank my wonderful wife for all her unwavering support in this business adventure and all the fans that have bought our comic books.  We are expanding with new titles and new characters, along with continuing our current titles.  Once again, thank you to all.  

Christine Welninski

Mrs. Big Boy, Website Manager, Facebook Manager and Unwavering Supporter